Saturday, May 10, 2008

The importance of the right pair of boots...

For those of you browsing my website or blog who hail from the San Diego County area I have an interesting side note for you. In my book I mentioned that during one of my original adventures overseas I had to hike up a steep, muddy ravine that would allow us to by pass one of the bad guy's firebases. This turned into an all night ordeal, hiking/crawling up steep ravines in the dark and mud. Upon exiting the ravine this was followed by another hike through a thick muddy field until we crossed the border and realitive safety.

Our guide took us to the first of a series of safe houses. Keeping with the local custom we took our boots off before entering the "home" (it was actually a man and his wife and four children living in a Conex shipping container because their house had been blown into a pile of rubble). My associates that had made the trek with me took of their wet boots caked in mud and then their socks had to come off also because these too were soaked. Although there were far greater problems to come during the war, like for example out of the four associates who had made the muddy trek with me that night, I am the only one left alive, at that moment soaking wet cold feet with blisters seemed to be quite a catastrophe.

I on the other hand was in relative luxury. My feet were bone dry and didn't have a blister on them. I actually said a silent little thank you to the man that had sold me my beautiful
Danners. My feet would continue that way on through the rest of the war until the day shrapnel from a POM-50 directional mine would tear through the boots like swiss cheese making holes in my legs that would eventually lead to the amputation of the right one. 

The point of interest here is that the man who had convinced me to buy a used pair of
Danners versus a new pair of GI issue combat boots, which would have put me in the same position foot wise as my associates that night, and for the rest of the war for that matter, is still in business. Don has been taking care of the needs of those that serve for longer than I can remember. Whether you are just looking for some camping gear, or maybe you want to buy a loved one serving overseas a better set of boots than the ones that he has been issued with, go pay Don or Bob a visit. These guys will take care of all your needs.

Stars and Stripes Surplus
1220 Broadway,
El Cajon, CA

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