Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chechen Rap

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Check out this song and video by Chechen rappers - DJIGIT. This song is "Kuralo"

In the year 1996, DJIGIT wrote his first rap song condemning the war in which Chechnya was still entangled with a much higher power, Russia. In 2000 he made his first breakthrough among the Chechens with Welcome to Hell. The song was about injustice and genocide of Russian towards their historical enemies, the Chechens. He was the first rapper who stoodup for his nation in his Lyrics, still remaining the only MC who is fearless of speaking the truth. By now DJIGIT was well known among the Chechen underground rappers, so that in 2003 he was joined by a talanted young DJ, RMX, who contributed alot to the DJIGIT band. In May of 2004 his rap video KOFERI was recognized through the internet media as a huge success for which DJIGIT band gained much of his popularity outside the Chechen nation. The DJIGIT band was now unstopable. However DJIGIT was not content with merely song writing, the band was aiming for professional music videos. The proved themselves capable of this by suprising the Chechen communities with the video called TB, translated as 'stabbing in the back'. The video revealed the true DJIGIT character. It showed that DJIGIT himself was aware of the enemies of the Chechen state and that he couldn't care less about their power. Obviously the message was clear and the video marked a victory for the DJIGIT band. Now their rap songs and videos were available underground and sold on the Chechen markets illegally, DJIGIT was more eager to spread his message, therefore he wrote 'Kuralo', as DJIGIT himself translates the title to 'Superiority.'Kuralo' the most recent and scandalous music video the band ever made, was completed on the first of January 2006. DJIGIT calls it as ''the new year present to all ''Chechophobs'', those who are afraid to call themselves Chechen." 'Kuralo' was not accepted by the chechen population with arms stretched, as the video was very critical of the so called Chechens who behaved themselves otherwise. Especially in Moscow, the Capital of Russia, where the Chechens, apart from in Chechnya itself, are most dominant, they considered the video as targeting them. As a result the DJIGIT band had to endure lots of criticism. Many Chechen sites were full of comments concerning the video. After 'Kuralo' DJIGIT decided to speak his thoughts in a language the whole world would understand, English. Download songs at:

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