Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ocean Beach RiffRaff (by Dominique Mainon)

Hello everyone, 
This is Dominique Mainon again. Thought I would just share with you a funny video I took of Aukai one night in Ocean Beach. 

We set out to do an interview at his mother's old hangout, The Sunshine Company in Ocean Beach, California, in which we would discuss some of his early life, specifically about his mother.

We will still explore that and soon show you some pictures of Aukai as a child and his mother and family. But for now you can see how this interview degenerated due to the "Ocean Beach Effect" that seems to be somewhat prevalent on that row. Includes a cameo from a baby possum.

Note: If any of you are fans of the show South Park, then you will  understand our homage to their episode "Night of the Living Homeless" - definitely a must-see! (Full episode is downloadable on itunes for devoted fans, just click below)
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