Sunday, May 4, 2008

A note about the website, from Dominique

Hello everyone, my name is Dominique Mainon, and I have helped launch this website on behalf of Aukai Collins who is currently working on his second book and preparing to release a new documentary video. First of all, let me make clear that I am a author by trade, and not a website designer or computer tech, so please be patient with the website. “Aqil” (his familiar name to those who aren’t aware) has a lot of exciting information to share and after two years of internet silence he has finally decided to do so. 

Many are probably wondering how Aqil and I are acquainted. We seem an unlikely mix as authors, since my books are extensive studies of cinema and pop-culture and definitely not anything like Aqil’s work. As to how we met though, I will tell the entire story in subsequent posts , which began with a series of phone conversations on a contraband cell phone in Mexican prison. Suffice to say for now that I was the one who picked him up when he was released back to the U.S. and we’ve had a ongoing professional working relationship. I’ve been assisting him in compiling notes and research for his next book and other ventures. We don’t always see eye to eye on topics, but I have always felt much more interested in analyzing the important information he has to convey than in analyzing his moral framework, which has already been massively nitpicked anyway. Aqil has provided an amazing portal to a world that is vastly misunderstood in the U.S, and I think we would do well to take note of what there is to learn from his experiences. Personally, I prefer that  he conveyed his story from a non-pretentious, often blunt, “regular guy” point of view, instead of the typical scholarly so-called “expert opinions” we usually see in these sort of books. Although I have also seen him suffer the backlash for having done so. 

I hope this site will be a good source of information as it develops for those who read Aqil’s book and wanted to know more, as I did, particularly about what happened after the release of the book (a LOT, trust me), more detail about Aqil’s past adventures and to provide information for researchers on  a variety of subjects from 9-11 to the Chechen conflict. Aqil also keeps himself extremely informed about tactical gear and other products and often shares advice and recommendations to those heading for deployment and missions, and exchanges information with veterans from all walks of life.

This site belongs to Aqil, so it will predominantly reflect his opinions and experiences, but I will pop in from time to time to fill in the blanks and provide readers with a third party view of some of the events that I witnessed. We may also share some random home videos and pictures taken while Aqil was recovering from his stint in Mexico. Again, please be patient with the development of this site. I have a lot of work on my plate each day including the release of one of my own upcoming books in 2009, but we should have at least the blogs up and running better soon. 


Dominique Mainon

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Featherknife said...

Aukai, I remember a sunny summer day many years ago. You were about 5. You had a sharp little surfboard, and hung onto my foot as I paddled out through about a 4 foot swell. Bigger than you. When we got outside you said "Why didn't you tell me!" In a hushed and awed voice. I said "Tell you what?"
"It's so quiet out here!!!!" We sat there and talked about waves and watched the pelicans. I moved inside with you and pushed you into a nice little wave, as you paddled your heart out. The lifeguard, over the beach P.A. said "Here goes Aukai." as you dropped in to your first real wave. Rode it all the way to the beach. I will never forget you. Durel