Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aukai Collins - now on MySpace

To those who utilize social networks as a means of communication, you can now visit and speak with Aukai here also:

(excerpt from Aukai's myspace site)
I resisted the urge to put up a myspace page for quite some time. But then somebody reminded me that just about the whole world has one up now, and since I am such a slave to fads, (NOT!), I just had to get in on the action. Actually I did some research first. I checked out Ben Affleck's site, remember folks, I told him and I quote here "don't marry the bitch," but did he listen to me? Of course not. Then there was his little brother who took a small town girl from Connecticut, flew her to the big city, Los Angles, flattered her plain ass to just the right degree and managed to walk out of the deal with my movie rights (this was a long time ago). Worst part of it all was that Casey thought that he was going to use my book as the vehicle to take him up a notch in his career. He actually though that he was going to play me. Casey Affleck! Yeah right, and I'm going to play Barbara Streisand.

So what does that have to do with this blog and myspace in general? Absolutely nothing. From confused minds come confused products. But I did want to say this. I saw that a lot of people out there in myspace land have my book, My Jihad, listed on their pages. It's kind of for you guys that I put up a myspace page. I want to hear your thoughts on my book. I also want to hear your thoughts about our current predicament in general. Do you guys think that we stand a chance as a people, and I mean like as in the human race when I say that, or all we all doomed because of the lies and actions of a small ignorant man from Texas that has a comprehension of the English language equivalent to that of a not so bright third grader?

Seven years have passed now since a day that forever changed our world. The "bad guys" of the world are no worse off now than they were before even though war has been declared on them. The true baddies that sit in their caves somewhere plotting to bring down freedom and democracy are still just as much at it as ever. In the mean time a lot of innocent people have died on all sides. Whether some PFC from a small town in Idaho who was blown up just trying to do his job, or some ten year old child from Jalabad who died when his whole house was vaporized by a two thousand pound bomb. I see a very long trail of blood and not a whole hell of a lot to show for it. There was a time when, and I will use the word "we" instead of "I" just so you don't think that I am full of shit, could have removed the man who is allegedly responsible for so much death and destruction in the world. But I, oops, I mean we, was told to stay away from him. Sit back and ask yourself why that was? Because I for one would like to be the first one to know.

If I have confused you or you simply want to learn more about what I am saying here, or maybe what I am not saying here, then come by my website and I will fill you in on a few things. Even in a modern day court room they say that ignorance is not an acceptable excuse under the law. Do you think that it is any more so on that day when you meet your maker? Very bad things are being done in the world. If we as a people, the human race of people, expect to do anything about it then the first step is to understand what is going on. Once we all figure out how a passport, that was in somebodies clothing, who in turn was inside of an airplane that in turn was vaporized on impact with a very tall building, could then be found intact on the rubble strewn street below, once we figure that out then maybe we can start to figure out how to survive this gigantic mess that we are all quickly becoming entangled in.

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Anonymous said...

As a Duranguense just finding out about your story, I'd like to apologyze for our government officials, our corrupt legal system, and our unfair treat to foreigners. I hope your situation gets better, that your leg heals, that you get off the No-Fly list, and although justice will never be served in this world, that sunshine should come to your case.

-Luis L.